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If Boy Meets World ever taught its viewers anything, it’s that a thoughtful conversations with Mr. Feeny can diffuse any difficult situation, whether it’s an argument you had with your brother Eric, your friend Shawn falling in with a bad crowd, or that dork Minkus just really getting on your nerves. As it turns out, Mr. Feeny’s ability to solve all problems also translates to real life, with Los Angeles’ ABC affiliate reporting that William Daniels—the actor who played Feeny on Boy Meets World—recently scared off some burglars who had broken into his house. Also, he’s 91 years old, which is worth highlighting all on its own.

Apparently, someone “forced open a back door” to Daniels’ home, and he “quickly reacted” by turning on the lights. According to the LAPD’s account, that was enough to scare the burglar off, but we imagine Daniels and this ne’er-do-well had a heart-to-heart chat by the backyard fence before the cops showed up. Maybe they talked about why this burglar felt the need to try and break the law in order to solve his problems, and from now on he’s just going to talk to his brother Eric about what’s bothering him instead of trying to steal from 91-year-old actors.


Anyway, William Daniels also provided the voice of K.I.T.T. in Knight Rider, which would’ve been another fun direction to take this story in.

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