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Boy Meets World sequel in the works at Disney Channel

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Like on-the-nose monologues from a mentor figure whose ability to follow his charges through every major change in their lives seriously strains plausibility, television has a tendency to return to certain themes. Since coming-of-age tales never go out of style—and since nostalgia for the 1990s is just coming into vogue—the Disney Channel is reportedly developing a sequel to Boy Meets World, the ABC sitcom that was a staple of the network’s TGIF lineup from 1993 to 2000. According to TV Line, Girl Meets World will revolve around the trials and tribulations of Cory and Topanga Matthews’ preteen daughter, with Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel in talks to reprise the roles that caused awkward, alien stirrings in Boy Meets World’s young fanbase—stirrings that were competently explained (and, on occasion, expertly mined for metaphorical comedy) by any number of Boy Meets World episodes. There’s no word on whether or not Girl Meets World will pull a full Still The Beaver, reuniting Savage and Fishel with the whole Boy Meets World gang around the table of whatever trendy Philadelphia eatery has replaced Chubbie’s Famous. However, given the beating that teachers’ benefits have taken in recent years, it’ll be mighty easy to explain why 85-year-old William Daniels is still doling out life lessons and tough love as all-time-great TV educator George Feeny.


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