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Boy George biopic in the works at MGM with Anvil! director Sacha Gervasi

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Depending on your taste for Bohemian Rhapsody and music biopics in general, MGM may really want to hurt you. Deadline reports that the studio is moving forward with yet another biopic in its effort to replicate the commercial success of the Oscar-winning Queen chronicle, which, despite winning oodles of awards, has proven quite divisive. Anyways, it’s been announced that My Dinner With Herve’s Sacha Gervasi will write and direct a “remarkably honest and wildly entertaining” feature based on the life of ‘80s pop icon Boy George.


The good news is that Gervasi also helmed the awesome Anvil! The Story Of Anvil, and that producer Kevin King Templeton helped shepherd Creed and its sequel to theaters. Also, the Culture Club singer is a fascinating figure worthy of his own biopic, George’s androgynous aesthetic and casual approach to sexual fluidity having been ahead of its time in the mainstream pop sphere. It also doesn’t hurt that “Karma Chameleon” still rips.

Gervasi describes the singer as “a trailblazer and a true original. In the London clubs of the ’80s, George was impossible to miss and everyone knew he would be a star long before the world had ever heard a note of Culture Club’s iconic songs. As you can imagine, George’s life story is wickedly entertaining, yet also poignant and inspiring. I’m both honored and excited to be the one to guide it onto the big screen.”


This “golden” age of the music biopic will roll on this weekend when Rocketman, the story of Elton John, hits theaters.

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