Making it clear that she’s legally both “a dragon breathing fire” and a real “Texas bama”—not to mention a recognized musical monarch, complete with diplomatic immunity against all haters—a judge has dismissed a lawsuit being lodged against Beyoncé over potential plagiarism in her visual album Lemonade. New York federal judge Jed Rakoff has tossed out the case of filmmaker Matthew Fulks, who claimed back in June that the singer-songwriter-lion had copied images from his short film “Palinoia.” for her blockbuster musical release.

Fulks’ claims mostly stemmed from recurring images of “overgrown grass,” “parking garage,” and “graffiti and persons with heads down” that appear in both works, as well as the fact that he’d sent his movie to people at Columbia Records before Lemonade was filmed as a sort of music video audition piece. That doesn’t seem to have been compelling enough for the judge, who tossed the case out earlier today.


But hey, at least Fulks got his movie seen by several hundred thousand people, which is pretty good exposure for an up-and-coming filmmaker on the go. (And, in the interest of safety, he should probably stay on the go, since he’s presumably now at No. 2 on the Beyhive’s Official Hatelist, right behind that damn Becky with the good hair.)

[via Pitchfork]