Bow Wow at the Angry Birds premiere, which is probably more fun than touring (Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

They grow up so fast, don’t they? First a Lil’ Bow Wow becomes just a regular Bow Wow, and then that Bow Wow announces his retirement from the hip-hop game at the age of 29 so he can go live on a farm upstate and frolic through the meadows with all the other happy, carefree Bow Wows. The announcement came through Twitter, of course, where Bow Wow, a.k.a. Shad Gregory Moss, said that unlike some other rappers, he’s satisfied with the success he’s had thus far and wants to quit while he’s ahead-ish:


The “-ish” part comes in when looking over Bow Wow’s discography: He hasn’t released a studio album since 2009’s New Jack City II, and has put out only a handful of singles since then. But Bow Wow promises that seven-year gap will close soon with the release of NYLTH, his final album. The album will be produced by BowWow and his “uncle” Snoop Dogg, who’s got better things to do than rap these days himself.


Presumably, the two will live out the rest of their wealthy-but-not-too-wealthy days peacefully, watching Game Of Thrones and smoking fat blunts while gnawing on handmade peanut-butter bones served to them on a silver tray by Martha Stewart.

[via Entertainment Weekly]