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Both seasons of Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas are streaming for free on YouTube

Leslie Colonna, Wyatt Cenac
Leslie Colonna, Wyatt Cenac
Photo: Anne Marie Fox (HBO)

Yesterday, we suggested that the fine TV-watching public spend their Thursday evening revisiting the stellar and still timely first season of Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas, Cenac’s late-night series for HBO produced by Cenac and John Oliver, among others. (It is, sadly, now canceled.) We’re suggesting it again now (and have, many times) but feel compelled to share that recommendation once again because that earlier piece is now inaccurate. It’s not just the first season that’s available to anyone with access to the internet. The second season is now available, too.

The first season centers largely on issues of policing in the United States, while the focus of the second season shifts to the country’s educational system. Both are sharp, probing, and yes, funny, and well worth your time while they’re free (so, for the next month.) Maybe if enough people discover the show on YouTube, HBO will pull the ripcord on season three?


Cenac’s excellent show isn’t the only important piece of programming made available for public consumption by the premium network this week. They’ve also shared the full film of Anna Deavere Smith’s vital Notes From The Field, a piece of solo documentary-style theater (a style of which Deavere Smith is a master) on the school-to-prison pipeline. Basically, it is currently possible to be both entertained and educated by HBO for freeeeeee.

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