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Both Bon Iver albums went gold in the same week, validating sensitive dudes everwhere

After collaborating with Kanye West, playing Saturday Night Live, and winning Grammys for Best New Artist and Best Alternative Album (even though frontman Justin Vernon totally hates them), Bon Iver’s two-and-a-half-year quiet, sensitive, plaid-clad struggle for recognition is finally over. Both his stripped-down, cabin-in-the-woods debut For Emma, Forever Ago and fuller, slicker, award-winning follow-up Bon Iver were certified gold by the Recording Industry Association Of America within the same week, commemorating 500,000 copies sold of both records. Both albums going gold in the same week may seem surprising at first, but it makes some sense, considering the people who bought one Bon Iver album most likely went ahead and bought the other one.

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