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Boring men rally together in praise of their own boringness

A boring man. Screenshot: Great Big Story

Odds are we’re all into something, be it a hobby, TV show, or film genre, that others find eye-gougingly boring. Still, liking the films of Carlos Reygadas probably doesn’t make you boring enough to join the Dull Men’s Club, a real thing that now counts upwards of 5,000 members in both the U.S. and the U.K.

Great Big Story’s latest allows Dull Men’s Club co-founder Grover Click to introduce you to some of the club’s most boring members.

There’s Steve, who collects milk bottles despite not liking milk. There’s also Kevin, the founder of the U.K. Roundabout Appreciation Society. You might know them as “traffic circles,” but the guy just thinks they’re great and enjoys appreciating them. Then, showing the Dull Men’s Club isn’t just relegated to dudes, there’s Amanda, who enjoys following brown tourist attraction signs. Whether she enjoys going to whatever it is they’re pointing toward remains vague.


Of course, what’s so lovely about the video is that it celebrates the uniqueness of these ostensibly boring hobbies, thus rendering them not really dull at all. The only thing more boring than a guy who’s passionate about village water pumps is someone who’s not passionate about anything at all.

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