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Bored with duplicitous humans, Showtime is developing a drama about the secret lives of trucks

Adding to its lineage of “hidden double life” series like Dexter, Weeds, The Big C, and Nurse Jackie, Showtime is developing a new drama that will, at last, delve into the many secrets being kept by trucks. Heartland Trucking, from poet and Longmire writer Tony Tost, will examine “the world of truckers in middle America and a family-run business that serves those truckers as well as its own criminal agenda”—crimes that those trucks are then forced to keep hidden from all the other trucks, while hauling around their guilty consciences like so much cargo. Also, while hauling actual cargo. “You can’t read it at any weigh station, but the burden I carry weighs a ton,” the lead truck will say in voiceover. “And even when I’m full of jeans and DVD players, I’m empty inside” etc.


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