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Bored To Death's Jonathan Ames doing another series about crazy literary types

Clearly undaunted by the cancellation of Bored To Death, author Jonathan Ames has been redoubling his television efforts by developing not only Starz’s Blunt Talk with Patrick Stewart and Seth MacFarlane, but also a new half-hour series for Showtime. Titled World’s End—not to be confused with either Edgar Wright’s movie, or the actual apocalypse we’re killing time until by watching cable comedies—the show is an adaptation of Iceland’s Heimsendir (literally “heim sender”), the trailer for which you can watch below. In the tradition of Ames’ interest in stories of literary types doing crazy things, it follows a struggling high school English teacher who suffers a breakdown and lands in a mental institution, where he finally feels normal—and soon becomes the leader of an inmate revolt. Ames will write and executive produce, and probably add some scenes of people trading witty repartee over glasses of Thorazine.

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