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Bored Netflix launches Angry Birds TV series into 2021

Illustration for article titled Bored Netflix launches iAngry Birds /iTV series into 2021

Launched on a desperate mission of mercy to parents on the verge of tearing out hair—theirs, someone else’s, who really cares at this point—if they have to watch one more fucking Caillou video, Netflix has announced that it’s just acquired a new TV series based on popular phone terrorists the Angry Birds. Per Deadline, the streaming service has given a series order to Angry Birds: Summer Madness, which will debut some time next year, just in time for the parental pitchforks to really come out.

Although the series will apparently be based thematically on The Angry Birds Movie and its marginally better sequel last year, it also has a brand new look and premise, sending Red Bird, Yellow Bird, Other Bird, and, of course, Etc. to summer camp, where they quickly develop an across-the-lake rivalry with a bunch of Pigs, who they’ll presumably proceed to murder. But also, seriously, who cares: It’s content, and it’s coming in just a single short year. We’ll take what we can get.

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