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Walking, talking embodiment of the slap-bass Bootsy Collins has declared, “The state of funk today is kind of funked up”—and while that's something we say around the A.V. Club offices, like, every single day, Collins has announced that he plans to do something about it by establishing his own Funk University. Sort of a University of Phoenix for people who hang out at Guitar Center a lot, the web-only Funk U.—a partnership between Collins and former child actor Cory Danziger—will feature exclusive video lectures from Collins and guest teachers such as Flea, Les Claypool, John B. Williams, and Victor Wooten on funk history and how to make the funky most of your bass, with funky periodic staff reviews of student performances.

Classes begin July 1, and you can pre-enroll now (at $34.99 a month or $349.99 a year) at the school’s website, where you’ll also find a few preliminary warm-up lessons and a sneak peek at everything the university has to offer, from audio resources to bass tabs to places where students can upload their original music and have it chewed over by Collins himself. Unfortunately, there’s no price structure in place for anyone who wants to audit the school first with an individual lesson, but hey, if you can’t trust Bootsy Collins to bring the funk, you should probably just stop trusting other people with your funk-bringing in the first place.


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