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Bono is now flush with $1.5 billion in Facebook cash

For more than 30 years, Paul Hewson of Dublin has been fiddling around with a rock band instead of settling down and getting a real job. Luckily, he's come into a little money that will allow him to avoid real work for roughly the next five centuries. As of today, the man also known as Bono is the world's richest musician, moving past Paul McCartney thanks to a $90 million investment he made in Facebook back in 2009. Bono's buy-in got him 2.3 percent of the company, which after Facebook went public today is now worth $1.5 billion. In other news, U2 supposedly is working on new songs with Swedish boy-band mastermind Carl Falk, who wrote the recent One Direction hit "What Makes You Beautiful." Given Bono's current financial situation, U2 can only be doing this for the art. [via NME]


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