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It’s only the middle of January, and a lot of people out there are probably still trapped in ice-covered houses, huddling together with loved ones and burning photo albums for warmth. There’s no better time, then, to dream of summer. That’s when you can go outside in miserable heat, get covered in mud, and jam out to an eclectic collection of bands. That’s right, we’re talking about Bonnaroo. The Tennessee-based music and arts festival has just announced its full lineup, and it’s just as predictable/weird/hip as usual. This year, the big names include Billy Joel, Mumford & Sons, Deadmaus, Robert Plant, My Morning Jacket, Dawes, Childish Gambino, and Belle & Sebastian, plus a few dozen more. Tickets go on sale at noon Eastern time on January 17, and Bonnaroo itself will be held from June 11 to 14 in Manchester, Tennessee. There’s actually a number of handy ways you can see the full list of performers that will be there, including this slightly hard-to-read image from the official Bonnaroo Twitter account:


This official lineup announcement video:

And, of course, the official site.

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