Photo: Neon

Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite took home the Palme d’Or at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, where our own A.A. Dowd eschewed sleep to dispatch the highs (Elia Suleiman, botanical horror) and the lows (zombies, twerking). He was particularly struck, as was, obviously, the festival’s jury, by the Snowpiercer director’s latest—“few would make a worthier winner,” he wrote in his review. Now, it’s been revealed that Neon will release the acclaimed film in New York and Los Angeles come October 11.

The story of a poor family that, one by one, weasels their way into the employ of a gullible rich family, Parasite’s second half finds it “shift[ing] tonal gears in total service of its class politics, infecting the film’s breezy dark-comedy with notes of rage and melancholy.”


“It turns out to be a relative, in thematic thrust, to Jordan Peele’s Us, concerned as both films are with the subterranean lives of the have-nots, eked out below those of the oblivious haves,” continues our review. “By the end, the title has taken on dual meaning: who’s really feeding off of whom, Bong gets us wondering, his farce curdling into truth.”

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