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Bond producer says Daniel Craig will return as 007 in For More Money Only


According to The Hollywood Reporter, James Bond film producer Michael G. Wilson says he expects star Daniel Craig to return to the franchise for at least one more installment, despite the actor’s assertions that, at the present moment, he would rather break glass and slit his wrists than do another 007 film.

Although the franchise hit two critical zeniths with Craig in the suit—Casino Royale and Skyfall—lukewarm responses to the pristine-but-dull Spectre have even The A.V. Club wondering if it’s time for another actor to portray the iconic secret agent. And Craig seems to agree that his vision of the character as a sad orphan who just needs a hug has run its course, saying, “Every idea I’ve had for a Bond movie, I’ve stuck into this one. It’s gone in. The Bond bank is dry.” He added that if he did ever make another Bond film, it would be “for the money.”


Wilson can presumably help Craig out in that regard, which might be the reason the producer is able to say, “I think we’ve got Daniel Craig” for more films despite no longer having Craig under contract. Wilson dismissed Craig’s recent suggestions about being sick of taking Monica Bellucci’s top off, noting that director Sam Mendes originally told the press he would never direct another Bond film after Skyfall, and then eventually returned for Spectre. Wilson resisted the urge to make a Never Say Never Again joke, perhaps because they’re writing that into the next movie.

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