Bon Iver has launched a contest inviting fans and haters alike to remix its latest record, the creatively titled Bon Iver. In collaboration with Spotify and Indaba Music, the Stems Project allows interested parties to take the individual audio tracks from the record and re-work them. Finally, the world will have the trance remix of "Holocene" it's been waiting for.

There's a separate contest for each song on the record, and all submitted remixes will be put up for public vote on Indaba Music. After tallying the numbers, Bon Iver will decide the final winners, each of whom will receive $1000. The 10 winning tracks will then be assembled into a complete album and released on Spotify.


Members of Bon Iver have already been fooling around with the tracks and making their own mixes. Drummer S. Carey’s new version of “Minnesota, WI,” for example, is somehow more delicate and hypnotic than the original.