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Having recently conquered the oft-neglected “Design my tattoo!” corner of the Internet, crowdsourcing wizard Justin Vernon and his Bon Iver pals have announced the winners of their “Remix our album!” contest. Back in August, fans (and haters) were invited to download individual song stems from the self-titled Bon Iver album, tinker with them, and upload the results to music-based social networking site Indaba Music. (Because the world would not rest until someone cobbled together a blistering dubstep version of “Beth/Rest.”)

After months of contemplation and late-summer romps through the underbrush, the members of Bon Iver have finally chosen 10 winners. Each winner will receive a cool $1,000 for their time and trouble, and will have their song included on Spotify’s official Bon Iver, Bon Iver: Stems Project remix album. You can stream the album—which also includes six bonus remixes from band members and friends—below.


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