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Photo: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle (Lionsgate)

It’s time once again to celebrate the true unsung heroes of American journalism: Those well-heeled truth hunters in the foot fetishist community. Yes, these seekers of sole have done it once again, this time by inadvertently providing the makers of Jay Roach’s Fox News movie Bombshell with plenty of source material from which to work.

Said contribution came not in the form of ensuring that Charlize Theron’s foot meat perfectly matched that of the organization’s former rising star, Megyn Kelly—alas—but in allowing the film’s crew to accurately recreate the offices of Fox News itself. Unable to get a direct tour of the network’s newsroom for obvious reasons, production designer Mark Ricker instead had to get creative: Per The Hollywood Reporter, he deployed a series of “moles” to help him build up an accurate vision of the offices, including gleaning details from selfies of people who worked there and, indeed, from shots of various Fox News employees uploaded to foot fetish sites. (One such site, WikiFeet, has 130 pictures of Kelly, who carries a 5-star “beautiful feet” rating by the site’s highly scientific metrics; its operators would also like us all to know that “The year is ending and it is time to choose Feet of the Year!,” so toes crossed for all involved.) 


It’s not clear what percentage of the film’s set design was gleaned from the masturbatory material of men with their pictures pinned up behind the counter of your local Payless, but Ricker clearly felt that no avenue could go overlooked: “Ninety-eight percent of the people who see the movie aren’t going to know what the inner offices look like,” he told THR. “But the other 2 percent of the audience will be the ones who worked there, and they will know. I just wanted them to think, ‘Oh my God, how’d they get it so right?’” 

Bombshell kicks its way into theaters on December 13.

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