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Bold new Justice League poster awesomely captures visual equivalent of ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Photoshop Illustrator is the coolest of all superpowers.

A new poster for the upcoming DC superhero team-up film Justice League was released today, and you might want to make sure you’re sitting down, because people have been known to be blown right out of their shoes by the sheer awesomeness of this thing. Never before have two letters looked quite so three dimensional, except for the Warner Brothers logo at the start of every movie for the past several decades.

We’d warn the Justice League promotional team that maybe you don’t want to try to tout the release of a generic poster with the same marketing bonanza you‘d normally reserve for a full-length trailer (which is set to debut on Saturday, March 25, and is a thing we’re generally looking forward to seeing), but clearly this poster is special. It dares the viewer to imagine a world where orange and blue are the dominant—nay, only—colors in the spectrum. It proposes the outrageous possibility that someone accidentally left a laser pointer in the middle of their 3D model of letters. It tantalizes the potential for people everywhere to see this, give a half-hearted shrug, and go about their day, like some kind of “Just League,” that just notices things. “Unite, Just League!” this poster demands.


Just look at it for a while. Marvel at its ability to convey the idea that it looks like someone cropped an upside-down DC logo before it was finished. Or, as A.V. Club staff illustrator Nick Wanserski points out, perhaps it’s secretly communicating with us, telling those with the eye to really see it that the way to make a decent DC movie is by doing the exact opposite of what’s happening now. Indeed, it has spawned an entire conversation among designers here in the office, wondering what kind of material those letters and their outline are supposed to be made of. Metal? Shiny stone? Truly, this will have us up for many moons to come, pondering its mysteries.

Anyway, the new trailer arrives in two days, though why you’d promise something that will obviously be a letdown when compared to the majesty of this result of an afternoon with Photoshop, we’ve no idea.

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