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BoJack Horseman is coming to Comedy Central

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BoJack Horseman is headed back to TV, and it didn’t even take a Horsin’ Around reboot to pull it off. According to The Hollywoo Reporter, Comedy Central has just acquired all four extant seasons (plus the upcoming fifth) of the Netflix depressive delight, all as part of a syndication package with an eye toward airing them starting on September 26, right after this year’s South Park premiere.

We reported on the fact that BoJack was being shopped around to cable outlets earlier this year; it’s the rare streaming show to make the jump, mostly because Netflix and its ilk are usually a lot quicker to lock down syndication rights for the shows they air. (In fact, it’s become a source of some frequent complaints from creators working with the services, since selling shows for syndication is usually how a series actually makes serious money for the people who made it.) Previously, Amazon’s Transparent got sold for air on Sundance TV, but this is the first time one of Netflix’s shows has jumped the fence. (That was a horse pun, by the way.)

Comedy Central has been aggressive with its syndicated purchases lately; the network also just announced that it was adding The Cleveland Show and King Of The Hill to its rerun roster. Meanwhile, BoJack comes back for its fifth season proper on Netflix on September 14.

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