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It became at least somewhat clear why this final season of BoJack Horseman was split into two parts following that game-changing midseason finale, which are our own Les Chappell wrote pivots the show “from building to BoJack’s redemption to asking the question if he even deserves it in the first place.” It was a depressing finale, sure, but it also intrigued the ever-loving hell out of us.

“The first half of this season seemed to answer that the only way was forward, for BoJack Horseman to cast off the person he used to be and take responsibility for his actions,” went our review. “‘A Quick One, While He’s Away’ is a cold dismissal of all that positive work, and a promise that the last half of the season will be a reckoning and not a reconciliation. This final season has upended the traditional format of BoJack Horseman, but in that transformation it does give us one advantage for the final stretch: we have no idea how this is going to end.”


On January 31, Netflix will premiere the show’s final episodes, and today they’ve released a trailer that teases just what BoJack’s recovery will truly look like. Watch it below.

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