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Boilerman Feel Ways About Stuff on its new album

When The A.V. Club last caught up with Boilerman, the band was experiencing some big changes. Bassist Kris Di Benedetto had moved to Philadelphia, but the Chicago trio was soldiering on all the same. Since then, drummer Joey Kappel has defected to Japan, but even that wasn’t enough to take the wind out of Boilerman’s sails. Today, The A.V. Club is streaming all of the band’s sophomore album, Feel Ways About Stuff, which will be released on May 6 via 86’d Records. Feel Ways About Stuff picks up where its last three-song 7-inch left off, showing that even as Boilerman’s members are now spread across the globe. the band has retained its laser-sharp focus. As the band thrashes through its combustive punk songs, vocalist Jim Geis spits bile with every line, especially on the cover of The Mice’s under-loved gem, “Not Proud Of The U.S.A.”

Pre-orders for Feel Ways About Stuff are available now through 86’d Records.


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