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Bob Saget will soon be stepping behind the movie camera for the first time in a decade. The notoriously irreverent comedian—who has paradoxically seen his biggest successes acting in family-friendly television programs like Full House and its recent Netflix reboot, Fuller House—has struck a deal to direct and star in the dark comedy Jake, Deadline reports. Written by novice screenwriter Joshua Turek, the film is about a drug intervention gone terribly wrong; Saget will play a suburban dad who summons a group of family and friends to confront his 15-year-old son Jake about his drug addiction. The concerned father’s efforts are frustrated, however, when the encounter degenerates into a chaotic mess of infighting, adultery, and awkward emotional revelations.

The last film that Saget directed was the 2007 direct-to-video parody Farce Of The Penguins, which he also wrote. The send-up of 2005’s March Of The Penguins utilizes footage from actual nature documentaries as well as the vocal talents of actors such as Samuel L. Jackson, Christina Applegate, Lewis Black, and Saget himself to paint an off-color (and not very good, if Rotten Tomatoes is to be believed) portrait of love and sex at the bottom of the globe. He also directed the underrated 1998 Norm MacDonald vehicle Dirty Work, as well as a number of TV movies and series episodes.