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Bob Saget helps Jim Jefferies play the Kavanaugh-themed rape-culture game, Who's The Real Victim?

Jim Jefferies
Screenshot: The Jim Jefferies Show

In another late-night comedy post-mortem of the cultural car crash that was the eventual confirmation of perjuring, conspiracy-spewing, flush-faced accused sex criminal Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, Jim Jefferies played the molar-grinding clips of other rich and powerful white guys apologizing that Kavanaugh had had such a hard time. Nothing illustrates better the truth of comedian Hannah Gadsby’s statement from her searing recent stand-up special Nanette, “We don’t give a fuck about women or children, we only care about a man’s reputation,” than accused sexual predator and confessed sexual assaulter Donald Trump bro-ing out with Brett Kavanaugh over having to answer questions just because he’s accused by multiple women of attempted rape and sexual harassment. Introducing the subject on Tuesday’s episode of The Jim Jefferies Show, the Aussie comic asked if, with all the hand-wringing from Republicans, drunken fratboys, and angry misogynists, it’s really the accused sex criminal and not Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and the other women who came forward who’s had a tough time. “Despite getting everything he ever wanted, the question remains, is Brett Kavanaugh the real victim here,” Jefferies set himself up, continuing, cheekily, “Which brings us to our regular segment—No.”

Further bringing his point home, Jefferies enlisted stand-up, sitcom, and game show star Bob Saget for a quick round of male America’s enduringly favorite game, Who’s The Real Victim? With the unctuous Saget introducing various men whining about it not being fair that they’re being called out for doing shitty things, he asked Jefferies to name the real victim in each situation. Disgraced, fired, and tens of millions of dollars lighter accused sex creep Bill O’Reilly? Real victim. Guy who brutally attacked a Muslim woman for daring say “Happy holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas?” Totally the real victim (along with Santa Claus). “Musician and slavery apologist” Kanye West was a trickier one, since Saturday Night Live did go off the air just as musical guest West demanded everyone gather ’round so he could complain about no one paying attention to him while he ranted about his best buddy Donald Trump. (The correct victims were SNL’s cast, crew, and audience, plus “black people who aren’t Kanye,” and the Asian kid that had to make West’s MAGA hat.) Frustrated, Jefferies complained that he—wealthy white TV host that he is—was being asked hard questions, making him, as the game unerringly asserted, the real victim here.

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