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Despite having spent the last 15 or so years merging together the worlds of indie comedy excellence and prestige drama stardom into one uniquely popular package, Bob Odenkirk has never fared particularly well in the world of film. Sure, he’ll pop up in a memorable bit part here or there, direct the occasional Let’s Go To Prison there, but as far as leading roles in movies go, it’s pretty much Netflix films and Run, Ronnie, Run.


That might be changing soon, though, with Variety reporting that the Better Call Saul and Undone star has signed on for the starring role in a new violent-sounding revenge thriller, Nobody. Given that the movie centers on a “suburban dad, overlooked husband, nothing neighbor” who gets pretty pissed off when a couple of thieves break into his home, the film sounds like it might be following in some of the footsteps of another major Odenkirk production, the one about the boring dude who ended up, uh, “smashing poorly.” The film is being directed by Hardcore Henry’s Ilya Naishuller, and will hopefully provoke nausea from its gritty depiction of the cascading effects of violence, and not just the whole “upchuck-inducing first-person movie” thing that was Naishuller’s previous movie’s major gimmick.

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