Bob Odenkirk recently stopped by Paul F. Tompkins’ interview web series Speakeasy to have a few drinks and plug his new book Hollywood Said No!, a collection of orphaned scripts written with David Cross and Brian Posehn. But in addition to promoting that book, he and Tompkins went in-depth on the history of Mr. Show, and the future of the show’s main alumni.

Odenkirk says that he, Cross, and Posehn will be touring theaters in September doing standup and sketches—before the Mr. Show Experience appears at Tenacious D’s Festival Supreme in October. But the bigger news is that Odenkirk teases the possibility of a Mr. Show reunion in two years to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the show’s premiere. There’s no official word yet, since that’s pretty far in the future, but Odenkirk sounds confident it’ll happen.


Like many episodes of Speakeasy, the entire interview is worth watching, as Tompkins and Odenkirk go on to discuss how seriously comedians should take Internet comments and Saul Goodman’s future on Breaking Bad and beyond—creator Vince Gilligan has a “genuinely serious idea” for it but he’s currently cutting the third of the final eight episodes. And they have a little fun at Cross' expense by reinterpreting a scene from the Chipmunks film that Cross legendarily blasted after understandably cashing in. Watch the whole Speakeasy interview below (the reunion talk starts at about 7:30).