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Bob Odenkirk publishing a book with David Cross, developing new sketch-comedy show, acknowledging Breaking Bad spin-off rumors

Today in "Hey, what's Bob Odenkirk up to?": Bob Odenkirk was in his hometown of Chicago last week, and in between enjoying many a pleasant conversation on the Red Line and not getting shot, he also sat down for a Q&A about some of his upcoming projects. Perhaps most interesting (or at least the most concrete, relatively speaking) is his plan to publish a book with his old Mr. Show pal David Cross, collecting several unpublished scripts they wrote together—one of which Odenkirk says could eventually become a Claymation feature, in the recent tradition of other cult comedy types, though there obviously aren’t any more details than that yet. Odenkirk added that he's also currently helping to develop a new sketch comedy show for IFC with Los Angeles troupe The Birthday Boys, and confirming those rumors of a possible Breaking Bad spinoff based around the dubious lawyering of Saul Goodman. "Yeah, yeah. Absolutely. But don't put it on the Internet. I certainly don't count on it; it's showbiz," Odenkirk said of the truth to the rumors, after which we immediately put it on the Internet, because that's what the Internet is for.


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