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Bob Odenkirk may be known for playing belligerent characters—especially on Mr. Show—but the Better Call Saul actor had some reservations when it came to getting genuinely sloppy on film. As Page Six reports, Odenkirk’s 2016 episode of Derek Waters’ Drunk History, which found him recounting the story of Steve Dahl’s disco demolition, was one he approached with caution.


“It was scary for me to get drunk,” Odenkirk said during a Monday panel at PaleyFest NY. “Derek knows. We had a lot of conversations about it. I almost backed out because I haven’t been drunk in a long, long time.”

How long? “Probably over 30 years,” Odenkirk revealed.

Turns out Odenkirk just really didn’t want to embarrass his kids. “I have kids who are teenagers, both in college now, and I was a little worried about them seeing me on TV really drunk — like — vomiting drunk,” he said. We get it, but let us not forget that his kids have also seen him wear a bloody diaper on HBO.


Waters said the series upcoming sixth season will tell the stories of Little Rock Nine, Martha the Mouth, and Sam Cooke, per Page Six. There will also reportedly be a “parody episode” of Are You Afraid Of The Dark that we really hope doesn’t end with someone stumbling into the fire.

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