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Bob Odenkirk demolishes disco in this Drunk History clip

Drunk History

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Drunk History episode may have had a lot of hype riding on it, but the show still has a little bit more to teach us before it wraps up its season. Vulture shared an exclusive clip from one upcoming segment, and it features Bob Odenkirk recalling the crazy story of the infamous Disco Demolition event held at Chicago’s Comiskey Park—home of the majestic White Sox, represented in the clip by a pretty funny knockoff logo.

For anyone who isn’t up on Chicago lore, Disco Demolition was a stunt dreamed up by radio DJ Steve Dahl in 1979, and it was pretty much exactly what it sounds like: In the middle of a White Sox doubleheader, he was going to go on the field and blow up disco records. It didn’t exactly work out like that, though, but to say too much would spoil Odenkirk’s story. You can see the clip—which stars Colin Hanks and Patton Oswalt—below:


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