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Bob Mould got hacked by pubic-hair spammers, wrote a song about it

Over the weekend, a number of Facebook accounts of bands handled by Zeitgeist Management were hacked, meaning artists like Death Cab For Cutie, Best Coast, Bob Mould, and The Postal Service ended up pushing out links to articles about pubic hair grooming, complete with “helpful” images. Mould, at least, appears to have had a sense of humor about the whole matter, recording and releasing and webcam video that finds him riffing on the spam posts’ hairy subject matter, as well as giving the hackers the bird. As Mould sings in the clip below, “Why oh why did you attack me down there / You had to spam my Facebook page with .gifs of pubic hair / I had a lovely weekend, but now it’s been cut short / I spent the rest of Sunday night with Facebook tech support.”

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