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Illustration for article titled Bob Dylans emBlood On The Tracks /emmight become a movie, because, really, its sort of lacking as an album

The story behind Bob Dylan's classic 1975 "divorce" record Blood On The Tracks is pretty well-known even among casual fans: In short, Dylan was breaking up with his wife, Sara, and poured his soul into songs dealing with the heartache, confusion, loneliness, anger, and finally acceptance that comes in the wake of any fractured romantic relationship. It's pretty much a perfect piece of art, with any embellishments only serving to diminish the purity of its expression. Speaking of which, Blood On The Tracks might soon be a movie! Following Todd Haynes' love-it-or-hate-it cinematic re-imagining Dylan's work and life, I'm Not There, and the in-the-works narrative feature starring Brad Pitt based on 1986's "Brownsville Girl," the makers of the proposed Blood On The Tracks movie will set out to "create a classic drama with characters and an environment that capture the feelings that the album inspires in all fans," says Rodrigo Teixeira. And to think our own experiences and emotions conjured by the album used to be enough. [via comingsoon.net]


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