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Bob Dylan will grudgingly accept his Nobel Prize this weekend

(Photo: Getty Images/WireImage, Lester Cohen)

Bob Dylan was awarded a Nobel Prize last year, and though most people would consider that an immense honor, he couldn’t have seemed less enthusiastic about it. He ended up writing a speech for the ceremony, but he still couldn’t be bothered to actually go to Sweden and pick up his award or give the required lecture that honorees have to deliver in order to receive the $870,000 that come with a Nobel Prize. Then, in December, he made room in his tour schedule for a stop in Sweden, and this weekend he’ll finally be picking up his Nobel Prize in Stockholm.

According to the BBC (via Pitchfork), he’ll also be taping his lecture and then mailing it to the Nobel academy, but there’s no word on how or when people might be able to see it. We do know that nobody will be able to see Dylan getting his award this weekend, though, as he has reportedly requested that no media people be in attendance. It’ll just be him and the Nobel committee, leaving us to imagine what he looks like picking up an award that he doesn’t seem to want all that much.


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