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Bob Dylan will be David Letterman’s final musical guest

After a two-decade absence from the show, it’s been announced that Bob Dylan will be the final musical guest on The Late Show With David Letterman. The veteran folk rocker will appear on the show’s penultimate episode, set to air on Tuesday, May 19. He’ll be joined for the episode by Bill Murray, as well as milestones like the last of Letterman’s famous Top 10 Lists. The announcement hearkens back to Letterman’s love for classic stunts and nose-thumbing to the TV executive brass, as this will be the first time in human history that a network TV broadcast has focused on three men over the age of 60 for more than two minutes without reflexively panning away to someone closer to its target demographic.

Tom Hanks and Eddie Vedder have already been announced for Monday’s show, the first night of Letterman’s three-night finale to his epic 22-year run on CBS. Details about the show’s final episode, for which no guests or other announcements have been made, remain tightly under wrapsalthough rumors that Letterman will finish out the series by finally unhinging his massive jaw and messily devouring Paul Shaffer, as prophesied lo these many years ago, continue to circulate online.


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