The ritual fetishization of the vinyl LP continues apace. Bringing album covers to simulated life through animation is already a time-honored tradition on the Internet. Israeli artist and filmmaker Vania Heymann, however, has added something new to the mix: beatboxing. In his new clip for Roy Kafri’s catchy, wordless a cappella track “Mayokero,” Heymann not only animates such iconic album covers as Michael Jackson’s Thriller, The Smiths’ Meat Is Murder, and David Bowie’s Aladdin Sane, he makes it look as though the cover subjects (usually the musicians themselves) are actually singing and beatboxing along with the track. Jeff Buckley and Madonna are shown harmonizing at one point, and Prince even taps his neck with his finger to achieve a stuttering percussive effect. Previous to this, Heymann was perhaps best known for his incredibly detailed, interactive video for Bob Dylan’s “Like ARolling Stone,” in which game show hosts, historians, actors, and other TV personalities were depicted lip syncing to the famous 1965 song. Not surprisingly, Mr. Zimmerman himself is featured in the “Mayokero” video as well, obediently beatboxing along to the Roy Kafri track from the safety of his Highway 61 Revisited album cover. Eventually, a vague narrative emerges from Heymann’s video, centering around a man who may be unwisely abandoning his vinyl albums in favor of a shiny new MiniDisc player from Sony.

[via Metafilter]