Fifty years into his recording career, Bob Dylan has finally figured out a way to work Leonardo DiCaprio into one of his songs. The much-ballyhooed, 14-minute track about the Titanic on Dylan’s upcoming record Tempest will, thankfully, feature references to both DiCaprio and his starring role in the James Cameron movie about the doomed boat. Dylan told Rolling Stone that he doesn’t “think the song would be the same without” DiCaprio, and that while the movie Titanic might not be an accurate representation of what went down, he “doesn’t care about what’s truthful,” saying what a songwriter “cares about is what should’ve happened, what could’ve happened.” (Now might be a good time for another songwriter to write a cut about Dylan choosing not to release a cringeworthy Christmas record in 2009.)

In other Dylan news, two songs from Tempest will be featured in the second season of Cinemax’s Strike Back ahead of the record's Sept. 11 release. “Early Roman Kings” has already made its world premiere in a music video—also featuring scenes from the action series' new season—running now on Cinemax’s site. “Scarlet Town” will play over the end credits of the show’s first two episodes, airing back-to-back on Aug. 17.


UPDATE: Not long after posting this, we received the following email from Tim Heidecker: "How the fuck am I not mentioned in this post? Who's asleep at the wheel over there???" So, here's where the fuck we mention that Tim Heidecker already put Leonardo DiCaprio in a Titanic song, thereby officially making him better than Bob Dylan. Sorry for being so sleepy, Tim, but this wheel is super comfy.—Sean.