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Bob Dylan and friends put on a show in this trailer for Martin Scorsese's Rolling Thunder

You’ve gotta respect a documentary that calls its shot by putting a clip in the trailer where someone says “Oh, [documentary subject]? He never does interviews!” followed by a cut to that person giving an interview. It’s basically like telling someone to kiss your butt in filmmaking terms, and this trailer for Netflix’s Bob Dylan documentary Rolling Thunder Revue features that exact power move from director Martin Scorsese. Based around Dylan’s “Rolling Thunder Revue” tour in the ‘70s, in which he and his famous friends purposefully sought out small venues where they could do weirder stuff than a big arena would allow, with costumes and skits and a bunch of weird masks—though, as Dylan tells Scorsese, he actually wanted more masks.


The documentary is billing the tour as a high-minded attempt to repair “the troubled spirit of America,” but that seems a little self-aggrandizing for Dylan—especially grumpy modern Dylan. Either way, the film features footage of Joan Baez, Sam Shepard, Allen Ginsberg, Rubin “Hurricane” Carter (as in, “this is the story of the Hurricane, the man the authorities came to blame”). Oh, no big deal, but it’s also Dylan’s first on-camera interview in over a decade. Did you know he never does interviews? This Scorsese guy must be a real big deal to have pulled that off, huh?

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