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Boardwalk Empire replaces Paz de la Huerta with actual void

In yet more promising casting news for the third season of Boardwalk Empire, TV Line reports that the show has added “The Complete Absence of Paz de la Huerta” to its ensemble, who will fill the dead air once occupied by Paz de la Huerta. As viewers who have seen the second season and therefore do not need a [SPOILER ALERT] will recall, de la Huerta’s Lucy disappeared shortly after giving birth to Van Alden’s daughter, threatening a possible subplot in which viewers were forced to care about what happened to her. But by not picking up the actress’s contract option, Boardwalk producers have all but guaranteed that you’ve likely seen the last of Lucy, substituting for de la Huerta the far more nuanced and reliable negative space that surrounds her. And as a bonus, that negative space is already not wearing any clothes, so you won’t miss her at all.


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