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Blythe Danner joins season 3 of American Gods

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As announced today with a press release, Blythe Danner has joined the third season of American Gods on Starz—sorry, that’s “the righteous third season,” according to the press release. It’ll only be a “recurring guest role,” which means she won’t be hanging out with Shadow Moon and Mr. Wednesday permanently, but she will be playing Demeter, the Greek goddess of the harvest. She’ll apparently have some kind of romantic history with Mr. Wednesday, complicating his attempts to get her to join his war against the dickish New Gods, but the bigger issue is that she’s been committed to a mental institution. Someone claiming to be a god and getting locked up for it seems like something that should’ve happened on this show by now, but maybe the fact that it’s kind of an obvious move means that it’s a good thing that American Gods was able to resist it for so long.


The press release doesn’t have a lot of other information about the show’s third season, but if the second season is anything to go by, we won’t see it until after years of behind-the-scenes drama (including fights over the budget and the departure of multiple showrunners). The third season was announced back in March, with Charles “Chic” Eglee taking over showrunning duties, so hopefully he can keep this wild bronco under control for at least a few episodes. Anyway, Blythe Danner is on the show now!

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