While Robin Thicke’s newest album continues to land with a resounding thud, the woman whose body helped bring eyes to “Blurred Lines” is quickly gaining star status. According to Deadline, Emily Ratajkowski has been cast opposite Zac Efron in the upcoming film We Are Friends. Ratajkowski famously “meowed,” snuggled topless with a fully clothed Thicke, and was called a “bitch” in the “Blurred Lines” video as a way to show “female empowerment.” And as Thicke’s career slowly takes a nosedive, Ratajkowski has used that video as a launching point to even bigger things, including a GQ cover, a role in the upcoming Entourage movie, and the part of Ben Affleck’s mistress in Gone Girl.

Ratajkowski’s latest project, We Are Friends, is just one of many of a baffling array of upcoming projects focusing on the competitive, emotionally fraught world of professional DJing. The film explores “the words of electronic music and the Hollywood nightlife” through the story of two DJs and the girl that comes between them. Catfish star Max Joseph co-wrote the film with Meaghan Oppenheimer and will direct, with shooting slated to begin August 18. Hopfully this will all culminate in Ratajkowski one day wining an Oscar, seeing Thicke at an after-party, and whispering, “I know you want it.”