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Blur has announced it will release new material live via its Twitter feed Monday, July 2. The band will perform two new songs, “Under The Westway” and “The Puritan,” on a worldwide live video stream starting at 1:15pm EST.


The two songs were written for the band’s upcoming sold-out Hyde Park concert, which may or may not mark the end of the years-long Blur reunion. The band has (kind of) never publicly performed either of the songs before, debuting them here live from a “secret UK location”—which hopefully means Queen Elizabeth’s bedroom at Buckingham Palace, but probably means some recording studio in the English countryside. (Or, as Pitchfork claims, a London rooftop.) Following the online performance, both songs will be available for download. A limited edition 7-inch of the tracks will also be released by Parlophone on August 6, right after the mega-box set of all the band’s recorded work to date that's due out July 30.

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