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Blur reportedly working on a whole new album

Earlier this summer, Damon Albarn told Rolling Stone that, yeah, Blur was going to record some new material. However, what he didn’t say was how much material. But now Albarn’s Gorillaz collaborator Jamie Hewlett has seemingly confirmed that, yes, Blur is hard at work on a whole new album.

Fans claim that Hewlett made the statement at the launch event for his opera, Monkey: Journey To The West, in New York. According to one poster on the Gorillaz-Unofficial site, Hewlett said outright that Blur is “working on a new album”—something that appears to have been confirmed by both Albarn and Blur’s Alex James, after the group spent a week recording in Hong Kong. Of course, Blur could get all the material down, then have the notoriously artsy and temperamental Albarn decide it’s garbage, so don’t start looking for pre-orders just yet.


While you're anticipating unofficially announced albums, set some aside for another Gorillaz record, too. Hewlett reportedly also said he thinks both he and Albarn will come back to the project “when the time’s right”—though that might not be for a while, considering both their schedules are a little crazy right now.

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