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Blur now has its own ice cream flavor

The Licktators/Facebook

Back in the ’90s, the Britpop movement was centered on a heated rivalry between Old Blighty’s most popular bands, Blur and Oasis. Now, nearly 20 years after Parklife and (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?, we have an official winner in that conflict, because Blur has its own ice cream.

Not content to wait around to be anointed by Ben & Jerry’s, the band is selling its own ice cream flavor, exclusively at its concerts (for now—it will also be available at a handful of London co-ops in June). The dessert was made in conjunction with the Licktators, a U.K.-based ice cream company that sells rock-themed flavors including “Jiggy Pop” and “John Lemon.” The company is infamous for its “Baby Gaga” flavor, made with human breast milk in dubious honor of the most recent royal baby. Blur’s flavor is called “Magic Whip” after its latest album, is made of vanilla custard with raspberry sauce to mimic the album’s artwork, and should be an ideal comfort food for anyone who bought Parklife in college and now has to confront the fact that that was 20 years ago.


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