The original lineup of Blur played their first show in nearly a decade last night, a "friends and family" affair at the East Anglian Railway Museum. NME has the full report, naturally, and a hat tip to them for the full set list (below). Looks pretty solid to me: "Badhead," "Oily Water," "This Is A Low"… And a capacity of 150, rather than the giant British fields they'll be playing this summer.

'She’s So High'
'Girls And Boys'
'Tracy Jacks'
'There's No Other Way'
'Trimm Trabb'
'Coffee & TV'
'Country House'
'Charmless Man'
'Colin Zeal'
'Oily Water'
'Chemical World'
'Sunday Sunday'
'End Of A Century'
'To The End'
'This Is A Low'
'Song 2'
'Out Of Time'
'Battery In Your Leg'
'Essex Dogs'
'For Tomorrow'
'The Universal'