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Because it’s time for a more nuanced portrayal of werewolves, Blumhouse is adapting Michael Moreci and Tim Daniel’s Curse comic into a film. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the production company has just optioned the graphic novel, which follows one man as he tries to save his son’s life by kidnapping a werewolf. Jason Blum is teaming up with Boom! Studios’ Ross Richie and Stephen Christy for the adaptation; a director has yet to be attached to the project.

Curse tells the story of Laney Griffiths, a man in dire financial and emotional straits—he’s spent all of his money trying to treat his son’s leukemia to no avail. That makes him desperate enough to join the manhunt for a murderer for its handsome bounty, but he soon learns he has an entirely different monster in his snare. Although the werewolf is in human form when they meet, he’ll soon shift back to a hairier state, which puts a real time crunch on Laney’s “revolutionary” homeopathic treatment. Curse is the latest Boom! Studios title to be optioned in recent weeks: Adam McKay’s working on Irredeemable, while Fox picked up The Empty Man and Tag, the latter of which will be directed by Annabelles John R. Leonetti.


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