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Blue Sunshine to be remade for millenials, as all things must be

Writer-director Jeff Lieberman has announced plans to remake his 1978 sci-fi horror movie Blue Sunshine, an announcement that is unlikely to have gone anywhere if Lieberman had not invoked Hollywood’s magic word: millenials. “[Producer Edgar Lansbury] and I agree that the theme of the film — decisions we made in our youth coming back to haunt us in horrific ways as adults — will resonate well with Millennials,” Lieberman tells Variety. We’re the Millers producer Vincent Newman has also signed on to produce.

The original Blue Sunshine starred Zalman King as a man falsely accused of murders committed by ex-hippies feeling the lingering effects of a batch of bad acid (the “Blue Sunshine” of the title) which causes its victims to become bald homicidal maniacs a decade after ingestion. LSD use has been declining since the mid-‘90s (although the National Institute on Drug Abuse says it’s poised for a comeback), so the killer drug will probably have to be changed to bath salts or whatever. And unless Lorde shaves her head in the meantime, they’ll probably have to change that part too, but other than that the story still holds up.


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