Blowout (Photo courtesy of label)

On August 5, Portland’s Blowout will release its debut album, No Beer, No Dad, through Lauren Records and Making New Enemies. The band previously released the bouncy love song “Indiana” from No Beer, No Dad, but today The A.V. Club is streaming “Cents Cents Money Money,” a rowdy kiss-off if there ever was one. Bassist-vocalist Laken Wright finds plenty of space between the overlapping guitar riffs to offer an impassioned “fuck you” to the song’s antagonist, as she spits in the face of people encouraging her to clean up, get a job, and fit a specific “type.” Tired of being talked over—and down to—Wright raises her voice, offering an impassioned sing-along for everyone that needs a chorus to join in on.

Pre-orders for No Beer, No Dad are available on both vinyl and cassette.