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Bloodsport chase scene vastly improved by Benny Hill music

How does one improve upon perfection? The answer, as always, is Benny Hill. On a recent live episode of the How Did This Get Made? podcast—wherein the panel was discussing the 1988 Jean-Claude Van Damme film Bloodsport—co-host Jason Mantzoukas threw down the gauntlet. There’s a chase sequence in the film where Van Damme is escaping government stooges sent to take him home (including one young Forest Whitaker). Van Damme’s business (of revenge) isn’t settled yet, so he demures, and then takes off on a chase through the streets of Hong Kong, all set to Michael Bishop’s “Steal The Night.” The scene as it appears in the film is below:

A little interminable and only subtly ridiculous, right? Well Mantzoukas, correctly, pointed out that this scene would be much improved if it was given the old Benny Hill treatment—that is to say sped up with “Yakety Sax” playing. This being the internet, someone obliged. Movie Bitches made the dream into a reality with its rendition, which finds the muscles from Brussels hilariously evading capture while his bumbling pursuers simply cannot catch up. Hence the following slice of heaven that is Van Damme rapidly running to those twangy horns that signify pure wackiness is afoot:

Bonus: Someone else, YouTube user u3cL49W518, saw the same sequence and instead of going with the Mantzoukas-approved Benny Hill take, went in a different, fresher direction:

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