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So far, the most exciting thing about Disney’s new Star Wars movies (other than the trailer, we guess) has been reporting on the various casting rumors and minor plot details that have leaked out. We can only talk about The Force Awakens so much, though, so it’s good that Disney has finally started talking about Rogue One, its first Star Wars spinoff movie. The mouse people announced the official title a few weeks ago, and earlier rumors claimed that Felicity Jones would star in it, but now we can add another actor to the list of people who could be in it: Ben Mendelsohn, who you may have recently seen freaking out his family in Netflix’s Bloodline—or maybe in Exodus: Gods And Kings, The Dark Knight Rises, and an episode of Girls if you don’t have Netflix. He’s been in a bunch of stuff.


We obviously don’t know anything about what character Mendelsohn might be playing, but given the assumption that Rogue One will focus on the ace X-Wing pilots of Rogue Squadron, we’d wager that he’ll be playing Danny Porkins, the black sheep of the Porkins family. After his brother Jek’s death during the Battle Of Yavin, he returns to his family and threatens to expose their darkest secrets.

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