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Blood, bullets, and "yo mama" jokes abound in The Predator red-band trailer

It’s entirely possible that we’re just desensitized after decades of constant exposure, but the red-band trailer for The Predator, released earlier this morning, doesn’t seem all that violent. Sure, there’s the guy hanging by his heels from a tree, split open with his guts hanging out like a deer carcass being dressed. And, okay, there are the near-constant barrages of gunfire, and the inter- and intra-species alien mayhem. (That’s assuming predators and super-predators are technically the same species, but we digress.)

But what sticks out for us is Keegan-Michael Key’s “yo mama” joke in the middle of the trailer. That’s not only because it’s a pretty solid joke, but also because it serves as an intriguing indication of the direction Fred Dekker and Shane Black—who so memorably (and accurately) captured the rhythms of ‘80s kid-speak in The Monster Squad all the way back in 1987—are taking with the script.


The Predator lands in theaters on September 14.

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